PARNELL, Juliette. " Les romans et essais de Louise Michel: Une Rhétorique révolutionnaire "

MICHEL, Louise (1830-1905)feminismLiterature. Writerspropaganda* bibliographieliterature: essays

304 P. Ph.D. 1991 University Of California, Los Angeles. Chair: Hassan El Nouty
DAI, VOL. 52-09A, Page 3305

“ Louise Michel (1830-1905), a legendary figure in the anarchist movement, was also a prolific writer. During her lifetime she published two autobiographies, poems, novels and political essays. She was also a very talented orator whose lectures were well attended. Louise Michel, through a complex network of narrative voices, creates a dialogue between them and the reader, whose participation and involvement in the text is further increased with the use of poetic techniques in her prose. This thesis concentrates on her prose works…and shows that Louise Michel’s works exemplify Propaganda Literature at its most intricate levels. Also, it calls for further investigation and research into … the problematics regarding the role of female voices within Propaganda writing”.