PORTON, Richard. " Film and the Anarchist Imagination "

Society. Teaching: see School, EducationCommunication. FilmsWorkAuthorityBibliographyPORTON, Richard

Ph.D. 1996, 429 p. New York University; Adviser: Robert Stam

DAI, VOL. 57-09A, Page 3724, 00

“This dissertation examines the relationship of film and anarchism. A variety of films from disparate genres are discussed and attention is paid to the ways in which these works illuminate important currents within the history of anarchism. ….

Films of various non-anarchists such as Godard, Petri and Clair are included because of their ability to illuminate two important anti-authoritarian currents: the contemporary "revolt against work" and anarchist pedagogy. A brief conclusion ponders the nature of the elusive anarchist aesthetic in the work of Bunuel, Debord, and several American independent filmmakers”