SHADDOCK, Jennifer. " Culture Through Anarchy: British Representations of Anarchism, 1840-1907 "

JAMES, Henry (1843-1916). Romancier américainARNOLD, Matthew (1822-1888)ROSSETTI, Helen M.Bibliography

214 P. P.D. 1993. Rutgers The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick Director: George Levine

DAI, VOL. 54-07A, Page 2592

Thomas Carlyle and Matthew Arnold constructed a representation of anarchy in opposition to middle-class British culture which was interpreted as” rational, ordered, moral, and masculine”. The author examines in this light some fin-de-siecle and early modernist novels: Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Dynamiter (1885), Henry James’s The Princess Casamassima (1886), and Helen and Olivia Rossetti’s A Girl among the Anarchists (1903)