SUMNER, Gregory Dean. " Window On the First New Left: Dwight Macdonald’S "Politics" Magazine, 1944-1949 "

EditionCAMUS, Albert (1913-1960)GOODMAN, Paul (1911-1972)MACDONALD, DwightBibliography

Ph.D. 1992. 445 p. Indiana University, Adviser: Casey N. Blake

DAI, VOL. 53-07A, Page 2506

Dwight Macdonald’s influential "little magazine" of the 1940s, politics, included such figures as C. Wright Mills, Paul Goodman , Mary McCarthy, Nicola Chiaromonte, Albert Camus and Hannah Arendt and “mined the lessons of 19th-century anarchism, the American pacifist and black civil rights movements, and the antifascist European Resistance. Based upon archival research, interviews and a close reading of the journal itself, the study attempts to establish politics as a significant chapter in the larger intellectual migration of the war years, a bridge between both Europe and and between ‘old’ left and ‘new.’"