African Anarchism. Some Books

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- Igariwey, I.E. and Mbah, Sam. African anarchism, the history of a movement.Preface by Chaz Bufe. Tucson (Ar), See Sharp Press, 112p, 1997.

"anarchy as an abstraction may indeed be remote to Africans, but it is not at all unknown as a way of life." Indeed, many stateless and communitarian societies existed on the continent, and continue to this day despite enduring repression. To illustrate, the authors focus on the social organization of the Igbo, Ibibio Ijaws Urhoboof people of the Niger delta region and the Tallensi, all of whom largely functioned free of centralized or concentrated authority, and possessed communal land tenure." Marcus Bernhard, Social Anarchism #27 Fall/Winter 2000.

- Komboa Ervin, Lorenzo. Anarchism and the Black Revolution

- Mbah, Sam and Igariwey I. E. "African socialism, An anarchist critique"