Anarchists in Brazil.- A Bibliography

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Lyon: Atelier de Création libertaire, 2001, 121 p. ISBN : 2-905691-69-7. (In French) [An Anarchist community in Brazil and its founder, Giovani Rossi: A History].

Giovanni Rossi, a Pisan veterinary , was an anarchist at heart, and also a proponent of experimental socialism. He participated in the Italian emigration wave to Brazil, leaving Italy with some comrades in 1890, , to found a community based on anarchist principles. He had already tried to carry out such a project in Italy, but had been unsuccessful. After many adventures, with alternating periods of enthusiasm and total discouragement, La Cecilia disbanded in 1894. Travel, love, exoticism, great ideals but also great disappointments, everything concurs to make this communal society an inspiring experience which has been translated into a novel, a song, a film and a drama. The present study, based on archival material and newspapers of those times, recounts the whole story of the colony, from the birth of the project in young Rossi’s dreams to the traces left in the imagination of all those who were even remotely interested in "La Cecilia".

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