NURSEY-BRAY, Paul. Anarchist Thinkers and Thought: An Annotated Bibliography

PhilosophyBibliographyNURSEY-BRAY, Paul

With the assistance of Jim Jose and Robyn Williams. Greenwood Press, 1992. 304 p.

ISBN: 0-313-27592-0

This selected and annotated bibliography reflects the growing interest among scholars in anarchist thinkers and thought. This guide to primarily English sources, over a lengthy period of time, is fully annotated. It covers works by and about major anarchist thinkers, philosophers, and others who are important or are on the margins of anarchist or liberal theory. The bibliography also describes important sources of information about the anarchist experience in 18 countries around the world.

This reference, by Australian scholars who made extensive computer searches, inter-library loans, and research trips on three continents, provides useful listings of books, journals, theses, bibliographies, and other sources of information. The volume is carefully indexed to authors, thinkers, activists, and varied subjects.

Table of Contents:



Anarchist Philosophers and Thinkers

On the Margins of Anarchist Theory

On the Margins of Liberal Theory

General Theory and History

The Anarchist Experience



Bibliographies and Other Sources of Information

Authors, Thinkers and Activists Index

Subject Index