Man Ray - Prophet of the Avant-Garde

Communication. FilmsMAN RAY (Emmanuel RADNITSKY ). (Philadelphia, 1890 - Paris, 1976)HENRI, Robert (1865-1929). Peintre américainFERRUA, Pietro (Piero) Michele Stefano (1930 - ....)DUCHAMP, Marcel (Blainville-Crevon, 1887 - Paris, 1968)

Cast: Stockard Channing

Director: Mel Stuart

Studio: Fox Lorber Home Video

Genre: Documentary, Biographies, Art & Film History

Languages: English

US 1997

(60 mins.)

Screen Formats:B&W


Side #1 —

0. Scene Access

1. His Early Years [:40]

2. Dadaism [7:09]

3. Paris [4:21]

4. Avant-Garde [6:41]

5. Lee Miller [7:44]

6. Fashion Photography [6:55]

7. California [6:59]

8. His Legacy [4:57]

Several interviews with the artist himself and other archival footage

“Man Ray’s intent was to shock the viewer into a new way of seeing. His anarchist connection is established early in Stuart’s film by a shot of Emma Goldman speaking in public and we see Man Ray contributing to her journal, ‘Mother Earth,’ by designing two covers of the magazine. Later on, Man Ray, together with the Belgian anarchist Adon LaCroix (who he met while taking art lessons from Robert Henry and George Bellows at the Ferrer Center in New York and would later become his companion) would launch his or her own anarchist periodical, ‘The Ridgefield Gazook.’ After befriending Adolph Wolff, Man Ray became acquainted with Stieglitz and Duchamp, joined the avant-garde, conceived Dada as a form of artistic anarchy, and forever changed the course of American art.”—

Pietro Ferrua.