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Federación Libertaria Argentina

Brasil 1551 CP (1154) Buenos Aires



- Biblioteca Juventud Moderna

Diagonal Puyrredon 3324, 7600 Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Founded in 1911

Member of FICEDL

- Biblioteca Popular ’Jose Ingenieros’

Calle J. Ramirez de Velasco 958, (1414) Buenos Aires, Argentina


Member of FICEDL

LÓPEZ, Antonio/FRANCOMANO Vicente. Biblioteca popular José INGENIEROS 1935-1995. Buenos Aires, 1995

Founded in 1935 by anarchists and a few socialists, it was closed down during the Peron regime, from 1949 to 1955. Some of its members "disappeared". Though it does not have many archives, it offers a great number of books.

- Biblioteca y Archivo Historico-Social Alberto Ghiraldo

2000 Rosario, Argentina


Member of FICEDL

Founded in the 1940s in Rosario, a city located a few hours by bus from Buenos Ayres.