Esperanto: Bibliography

Communication. Esperanto* bibliographie

 CHAPELIER, E. & GASSY, Marin. Anarchists & The International Language Esperanto. London, 1908.
 M. N. [Max Nettlau?], "Esperanto from an Anarchist’s Point of View", Freedom (London), no. 213 (1906)

"The article was harshly critical of Esperanto, and it gave rise to a long debate, with a series of articles on almost every issue for some time. If you can read Esperanto, the following are relevant anarchist periodicals: Internacia Revuo Libereca (Brussels, around 1906), Internacia Socia Revuo (Paris, around 1907), Libera Laboristo (Berlin, around 1925). " (Information communicated by Davide Turcato)