Emma Goldman: A Documentary History of the American Years, Volume One: Made for America, 1890-1901

GOLDMAN, Emma (1869-1940)FALK, CandaceCommunication. ArchivesUnited States (USA).- History of anarchismBibliographyPATEMAN, Barry (1952-....)

Foreword by Leon Litwack. Candace Falk, editor; Barry Pateman, associate editor; Jessica M. Moran, assistant editor; Susan Wengraf, Illustrations editor; Robert Cohen, Consulting editor. University of California Press, 2003. ISBN 0-520-08670-8. 655 p.

A major figure in the history of American anarchism, Emma Goldman is still today a luminary for many people, including artists, activists and writers.

Although since Richard Drinnon’s major biography there have been many studies devoted to that extraordinary woman, many aspects of her life and action still remain to be discovered.

The present scholarly work is the result of several decades of team work. This first volume, presenting Emma Goldman in the first years of her public life, is an indispensable history of the American scene of her times. Emma’s writings in several languages are presented with their English translation, the footnotes are always helpful and reliable, and many press clippings are also included in the book.There also are three directories on people, periodicals and organizations.

This is the first volume of a series which ought to be found in every respectable library.

Ronald Creagh