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Colin Ward’s impressive bibliography, the quality of his writings and his personal participation in the anarchist movement contribute to make him one of the leading figures of the movement in the 20th and probably the 21st century.
There is a short biography by David Goodway, ""The Anarchism of Colin Ward", in Richer Futures. Fashioning A New Politics. London: Earthscan Publications Ltd., 1999. The book is a tribute to C. Ward.
Colin Ward was one of the editors of Freedom from 1947 to 1960; he created, edited and published Anarchy from 1961 to 1970, and BEE (Bulletin of Environmental Education from 1971 to 1979. He wrote the "Finge Benefits" column weekly for New Statesman and Society from 1988 to 1996, the "Anarchist Notebook" fortnightly for Freedom and the monthly column "People and Ideas" for Town and Country Planning. He has written many books and contributed to more articles than God could count.
We have tried our best and presented whatever we have gathered in a chronological order.


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    Notes: ’... text is based on the first English edition published in 1899 by Smith, Elder and Company’ - title page verso. -

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    ’ ... selection of building studies from "The Architects’ Journal" covering a decade of British school buildings’ - Introduction

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    Notes: Discussion paper for Ben Whitaker’s meeting on Monday 18 June 1990 on countering vandalism and graffiti

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 A Factory As It Might Be & The Factory We Never Had by William and Colin Ward Morris (Pamphlet - 2002)
 Cotters and Squatters: The Hidden History of Housing. Nottingham: Five Leaves Publications, 2004. 196 pages. ISBN: 0 907123 198 £9.99

"Squatters were the original householders, and this book explores the story of squatter settlements in England and Wales, from our cave-dwelling ancestors to the squeezing out of cottagers in the enclosure of the commons. There is a widespread folk belief that if a house could be erected between sundown and sunset the occupants had the right to tenure and could not be evicted. Often enquiry into the manorial court rolls shows this to be the case. Unofficial roadside settlements or encroachments onto the ’wastes’ between parishes provided space for the new miners, furnacemen and artisans who made the industrial revolution, while cultivating a patch of ground and keeping a pig and some chickens. Colin Ward’s book, full of local anecdote and glimpses of surviving evidence, links the hidden history of unofficial settlements with the issues raised by 20th century squatters and the 21st century claims that ’The Land is Ours’."

 Talking Anarchy. Edited by Colin Ward and David Goodway. Nottingham: Five Leaves Publications, 2004. 160 pages, 0907123996.

Colin Ward discusses the ups and downs of the anarchist movement including the many famous characters who he worked with, such as: Herbert Read, Alex Comfort, Noam Chomsky, George Orwell

  Anarchism : a very short introduction / Colin Ward.
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2004. 109 p. : ill. ; 18 cm.
Series Link( Very short introductions ; 116)

Includes bibliographical references (p. 106) and index. Contents Definitions and ancestors — Revolutionary moments — States, societies, and the collapse of socialism — Deflating nationalism and fundamentalism — Containing deviancy and liberating work — Freedom in education — The individualist response — Quiet revolutions — The federalist agenda — Green aspirations and anarchist futures.

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