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This internet tv site is now up and running with four films made by the CNT between July 1936 and 1938

1) Report on the movement of 19th July 1936 (documentary)

2) Victory in Teruel (Teruel ha caido!) (documentary)

3) Solidarity with Madrid (documentary)

4) Nosotros Somos Asi! (That’s the way we are) (musical comedy)

A further six CNT-FAI films will be uploaded over the coming weeks, plus other more recent anarchist-related feature and documentary films.

Ill.: "Red Years, Black Years" by Stuart Christie

Also on the site is "Red Years, Black Years", a 10-minute prologue by Stuart Christie to a proposed 6 part documentary on the background to the Spanish Revolution and Civil War and the role of the anarchists and anarcho-syndicalists from the late 19th century through to the death of Franco in 1975.

To navigate the site: when the Hastings Free TV screen

appears press the ’off’ switch to ’on’. Then click the ’menu’ button on the

left hand side of the tv set. A Betty Boop cartoon will appear by way of


Click on the tv ’menu’ button again and a welcome will appear on

the screen; again click on the tv set ’menu’ button and another menu will

appear on the screen with the various options.

The films which are up

are accessible through the ’documentary’ caption and the christiebooks channel is

on the contributors’ channel (click ’Red Years, Black Years)...

Go to Christie Books Channel Directory and choose in the list of films and documentaries of the CNT

You will need Quicktime 6 or above and a soundcard to view and hear our

films and soundtrack. Quicktime can be downloaded free direct from the

site (above the on/off switch on the right hand side of the screen)

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