ANTLIFF, Allan. "Carl Zigrosser and the Modern School : Nietzsche, art, and anarchism"

NIETZSCHE, Friedrich Wilhelm (1844-1900)Stelton ColonyModern SchoolZIGROSSER, Carl (1891-1975)* bibliographieANTLIFF, AllanStelton (NJ, USA)

Archives of American Art journal (1994) 34 (4) pp. 16-23; 7 ill.

Explores the influence of Nietzchean anarchist thought on the American art historian and curator, 1912-1919. Shows that Zigrosser became familiar with Nietzche’s writings through the teachings of Bayard Boyeson, and that he applied the German philosopher’s ideas on anarchy and individualism throughout his early career as a writer, art critic, and activist. Zigrosser’s commitment to anarcho-individualism is best revealed in the journal Modern School, which he edited from 1917 to 1919.