Mick Farren

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Mick Farren

Poet, writer and musician

British author & lead singer/philosopher of the Social Deviants, later shortened to The Deviants.

The Deviants’ story by M. Farren

Born in the U.K. in 1947. Began to play music around 1962 with The Mafia . Formed The Deviants (initially The Social Deviants ) in 1967. The band split in 1969, when he joined Pink Fairies , but left the group following release of the first album, Never Never Land .

In 1970 released a first solo album, Mona , meanwhile collaborating on Twink’s first solo album, Think Pink .

Currently resides in Los Angeles & still makes forays into the music scene. His autobiography is " Give the Anarchist A Cigarette ".

“We were cynical about so-called flower power. We thought they were too optimistic, that life was more cruel...then what happened was, people with our outlook began to proliferate...

Our first aim was to make it as a loud, basic rock band (laughs). Later, though, we tried to express our political, revolutionary ideas. Soundwise, we wanted to be incredibly loud and violent! That says it all. The hippies wanted to be nice and gentle, but our style was the opposite of that peaceful, natural attitude. The Deviants in the U.K. created the same type of music as the Stooges did in the U.S. We were a reflection of the chaos of the age we were in, like drugs, politics, the Vietnam War ... it was a time of various political possibilities, a wonderful time when cultural evolution was going on everywhere, at a remarkable pace."

"Mick Farren stands out in the history of British rock as an eccentric talent. He is aligned with Beatnik and psychedelia, into which he was immersed back in the 60’s. His spirit is floating a million light-years away from the superficial fads in music."

Interview with Mick Farren by Toshikazu Ohtaka. Translation by Yukiko Akagawa