CHRISTOYANNOPOULOS, Alexandre. Religious Anarchism: New Perspectives’

REXROTH, Kenneth (1905-1982)Philosophy. DaoismReligion. IslamBibliographyPhilosophy. ZenCHRISTOYANNOPOULOS, Alexandre

Cambridge Scholars Publishing, August 2009. 360 pages. ISBN-10: 1443811327

ISBN-13: 978-1443811323

Publisher’s notice

Both religion and anarchism have been increasingly politically active of late. This edited volume presents twelve chapters of fresh scholarship on diverse facets of the area where they meet: religious anarchism. The book is structured along three themes: early Christian anarchist ’pioneers’, including Pelagius, Coppe, Hungarian Nazarenes, and Dutch Christian anarchists; Christian anarchist reflections on specific topics such as Kierkegaardian indifference, Romans 13, Dalit religious practice, and resistance to race and nation; and, religious anarchism in other traditions, ranging from Wu Nengzi’s Daoism and Rexroth’s Zen Buddhism to various currents of Islam, including an original Anarca-Islamic ’clinic’. This unique book therefore furthers scholarship on anarchism, on millenarian and revolutionary thinkers and movements, and on religion and politics. It is also of value to members of the wider public interested in radical politics and in the political implications of religion. And of course, it is relevant to those interested in any of the specific themes and thinkers focused on within individual chapters. In short, this book presents a range of innovative perspectives on a web of topics that, while held together by the common thread of religious anarchism, also speaks to numerous broader themes which have been increasingly prominent in the twenty-first century.