FELICANI, Aldino (1891-1967).- Chronology

VANZETTI, Bartolomeo (1888-1927)SACCO, Nicola (1891-1927)FELICANI, Aldino (1891-1967)ItaliansUnited States (USA).- History of anarchismCleveland (OH, USA)

- 1914 Flees Italy on account of his anti-war activites and migrates to the United States

- As an Italian-American anarchist, typographer, and editor, he publishes La Gioventu Libertaria, Cleveland, followed by La Questione sociale, New York

- In 1918 becomes friend with Bartolomeo Vanzetti

- As editor of the Italian newspaper La Notizia, he decides to found the Sacco and Vanzetti Defense Committee.

- "The Last Days Remembered: A Compatriot Recalls the Deaths of Sacco and Vanzetti in 1927" Interview of A. Felicani by Dean Albertson

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- Editor of the Boston Controcorrente.