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PROUDHON, Pierre-Joseph (1809-1865)BAKUNIN, Mihail Aleksandrovič (1814-1876)MARX, Karl (1818-1883)HERZEN, Alexander. Nom de GERTSEN, Aleksandr Ivanovitch (1812-1870)revolutionphilosophyPopulation. Pan-Slavism. See also “Slavs”IWA (International Workers’ Association)NECHAEV, SergejPopulation. SlavscommunismENGELS, Friedrich (1820-1895)KROPOTKINE, Petr Alekseevitch (1842-1921) STIRNER, Max (Bayreuth, 1806/10/25 - Berlin, 1806/06/25). Pseud. de Johann Caspar SCHMIDTsocialismeconomy: agricultureGANDHI, Mohandas Karamchand (1869-1948)TOLSTOÏ, Léon (1828-1910)utopiamarxismideologynationalismConventions. London IWMW Conference (1871)Europe. 19th centurySTANKEVICH, NicolasArt. RomantismeHERZEN, NataliePolandSCHILLER, Friedrich von (1759-1805). Poètenihilism* bibliographie

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