Fifth Estate

Fall 2011 Vol. 46, #2, #385

literature: novels

Issue Theme: Anarchist Fiction
In a 1905 letter from prison, Alexander Berkman wrote: “None of us are ready for anarchy, though many are for anarchism.” In this letter, Berkman defined anarchism as a philosophy, and anarchy as a social state, the end goal of anarchism.
The Fifth Estate’s new issue explores visions of anarchism and anarchy through fiction. From fictional struggles of anarchists in the past and present, to stories of an anarchist future, we explore the many facets of anarchism as a philosophy, anarchy as a social state, and anything and everything else in between.
A Morning in the Library


Copyright or Wrong by Walker Lane

June 11 International Day of Solidarity with Eric McDavid & Marie Mason

Vancouver’s Hockey Riots by Ron Sakolsky

Gaza: Youth Manifesto

Greece: We Won’t Pay by Dan Georgakas

Spain: The Indignados by J.E. Hamilton

Larry Portis in Memorium

Anarchist Fiction

A Brief History of Anarchist Fiction by Margaret Killjoy

Hoppin’ Aboard the Underground Railroad by Ron Sakolsky and Sean Woods

Lives of the Saints by Alan Franklin

It Will Be Like This by Phillip Norbury

The Nacirema by Brien O’Shea

Coiled Rope Haikus by Zeraph Dylan Moore

A Morning in the Library by Alex Hooks

An Anarchist is America’s Poet Laureate
Vietnam: Where the Political is Still Personal — Review by Jim Feast

Subversions: Anarchist Short Stories — Review by Penelope Rosemont