HUPPERTZ, Willy (1904-1978)

A short biography of Willy Huppertz, who kept alive the flame of German anarchism.

Germany.- History of anarchismHUPPERTZ, Willy (1904-1978)

Wilhelm Huppertz was born in 1904 in the Ruhr. He worked as a fitter. He moved from being a Christian socialist to a position of atheism. In the mid-1920s he contacted both the FAUD and the AAUE, and worked with them. A militant anarchist communist and anarcho-syndicalist, Willy Huppertz became close to the paper Proletarischer Zeitgeist published in Zwickau.He was arrested with the Nazi rise to power and suffered a long interrogation, finally being released after several weeks. He was again arrested in September 1940( ?) and transferred to Oranienburg concentration camp on 20th July 1944 as a repercussion of the bomb plot against Hitler. He managed to survive despite a reduction in his rations.