Alex Prichard, Ruth Kinna, Saku Pinta and Dave Berry, eds. Libertarian Socialism

Politics in Black and Red

BERRY, David (1957 - ....).SocialismeMORRIS, William (1834-1896)GUÉRIN, Daniel (1904/05/19 - 1988/04/14). Journaliste, auteur dramatique, historien et théoricien des mouvements libertairesMarxismeSOREL, Georges (1847-1922). Théoricien français du syndicalisme révolutionnaireBibliographieNEGRI, Toni (Antonio) (1933-....)GRAMSCI, Antonio (1891-1937)LEVY, Carl (1951-....)KINNA, RuthANGAUT, Jean-ChristophePRICHARD, Alex

Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. 288 p. ISBN : 9780230280373 (Hardback).

Editor’s Presentation

The history of the left is usually told as one of factionalism and division. This collection of essays casts new light on this history showing in more detail how the boundaries between marxism and anarchism have been more porous and more productive than is conventionally recognized. Bringing together original and ground-breaking pieces on some of the best and least known actors in twentieth-century socialism, this book promises to break new ground by providing a fresh outlook on left wing synthesis in the twenty-first Century. The political and social thought of Gramsci, Sorel, and the Trinidadian, C. L. R. James, amongst others, are discussed alongside key movements in 20th century socialism including the Situationist International, Socialisme ou Barbarie and lesser known council communists, carnival anarchists and anarchic currents in the American civil rights movement. This is a must read for students and scholars interested in the development of socialist ideologies.

Introduction ; R.Kinna & A.Prichard

The Struggle for Freedom and Democracy : Marxism, Anarchism and the Problem of Human Nature ; P.Blackledge

Anarchism, Individualism and Communism : William Morris’s Critique of Anarcho-Communism ; R.Kinna

The Syndicalist Challenge in the Durham Coalfield before 1914 ; L.H.Mates

Georges Sorel’s Anarcho-Marxism ; R.Llorente

Antonio Gramsci, Anarchism, Syndicalism and Sovversivismo ; C.Levy

Council Communist Perspectives on the Spanish Civil War and Revolution, 1936-1939 ; S.Pinta

A ’Bohemian Freelancer’ ? C.L.R. James, his Early Relationship to Anarchism and the Intellectual Origins of Autonomism ; C.Høgsbjerg

’White Skin, Black Masks’ : Marxist and Anti-Racist Roots of Contemporary U.S. Anarchism ; A.Cornell

The Search for a Libertarian Communism : Daniel Guérin and the ’Synthesis’ of Marxism and Anarchism ; D.Berry

Socialisme ou Barbarie or the Partial Encounters between Critical Marxism and Libertarianism ; B.Challand

Beyond Black and Red : The Situationists and the Legacy of the Workers’ Movement ; J-C.Angaut

Carnival and Class : Anarchism and Councilism in Australasia during the 1970s ; T.Boraman

Situating Hardt and Negri ; D.Bates

Conclusion ; D.Berry & S.Pinta


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