WILEY, Anthony Terrace.– Angelic Troublemakers

Religion and Anarchism in America

THOREAU, Henry David (1817-1862)Religion. Catholicism, Catholic ChurchPhilosophy. Anarchist theoriesBibliographyDAY, Dorothy (Brooklyn, New York, 8/11/1897 - 29/11/1980)

A scholarly contribution to ethical theories and the philosophy of law as well as to the growing field of the history of religious anarchism. Wiley examines the anarchist connotations of three Christian dissenters in American politics who inspired or were actors of a movement which developed into a transnational current through the twentieth century.

R. C.

London : Bloomsbury (Series: Contemporary anarchist studies), 2014. viii, 208 pages ; 23 cm. Bibl. pp. 191-197, index. ISBN: 9781623568139 (hbk.) | 1623568137 (hbk.) | 9781623566012 (pbk.) | 1623566010 (pbk.)

Publisher’s presentation

Angelic Troublemakers is the first detailed account of what happens when religious ethics, political philosophy, and the anarchist spirit intermingle. Wiley deftly captures the ideals that inspired three revered heroes of nonviolent disobedience—Henry Thoreau, Dorothy Day, and Bayard Rustin. Resistance to slavery, empire, and capital is a way of life, a transnational tradition of thought and action. This book is a must read for anyone interested in religion, ethics, politics, or law.