Anarchist/Wobblie Sam Dolgoff Pacific Street Anarchist Film

DOLGOFF, Sam (1902-1990. American anarcho-syndicalist authorFilm/Vidéo en ligne

The incomparable Sam Dolgoff: housepainter, anarchist/wobblie, public speaker and author; perhaps the last in the long line of self-educated workers. Writer of such works as the SPANISH ANARCHIST COLLECTIVES, Dolgoff was also a real story teller and jokester. A close friend of Italian anarchist, Carlo Tresca, Dolgoff is a critically important link to the immigrant anarchist movement. Died in 1990. Interview segment is from 16mm negative, probably shot around 1978/1979 for FREE VOICE OF LABOR: THE JEWISH ANARCHISTS.. The lecture was at the old Libertarian Book Club; a gathering place for Jewish, Italian and Spanish anarchists. Note, Steve Fischler doing sound. Part of the Anarchist Films Archive Project, an initiative to digitize and make available raw film materials shot for several PSF films, including ANARCHISM IN AMERICA and FREE VOICE OF LABOR.