GEMIE, Sharif


BOURDIEU, Pierre.- A Cardinal visits the Anarchists : Pierre Bourdieu on Radio Libertaire :

Interview conducted by Archibald Zurvan transl. by Sharif Gemie French version from Monde libertaire n° 1240 (12 avril 2001) The following (...)

GIRAUD, Didier et GIRAUD, Marielle, dir.– Émile Masson prophète et rebelle.

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Those fourty pages remind us of the hundreds of thousands who fled Spain, their complex diversity, their remarkable resilience. The article (...)

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Journal of Contemporary History 29 (Apr. 94) #2, p. 349, 19p As early as 1790 and up to 1940, anarchist philosophy stressed the concept of (...)

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Preface: Sharif Gemie (London: Kate Sharpley Library, 2002) 1 copy at CIRA, Lausanne

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