MOORE, John (1957-2002). British anti-Civilisation theorist and poet


MOORE, John. A Primitivist Primer

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is not a definitive statement, merely a personal account, and seeks in general terms to explain what is meant by (...)

MOORE, John (1957 - 2002)

Formative British anti-Civilisation theorist and poet John Moore collapsed on his way to work as a lecturer in Creative Writing at the University (...)

COMIN’ HOME. Defining Anarcho-Primitivism with John Moore

At the opening of Against His-Story, Against Leviathan!, perhaps the premier anarcho- primitivist text, Fredy Perlman remarks: "This is the (...)

MOORE, John. "Maximalist Anarchism/Anarchist Maximalism"

In pre-revolutionary Russia, the Socialist Revolutionaries divided into two factions, the radicals and the moderates. The former were known as (...)

MOORE, John.- "Interview with John Moore". By John Filiss

An important essayist and author of four short books— Anarchy and Ecstasy, The Primitivist Primer, Lovebite and Book of Levelling—John Moore stands (...)

MOORE, John. On The Enlightenment. (Response to a letter)

Published in Green Anarchist #56, Summer 1999 How irritating it is to encounter such a blatant reluctance to come to terms with contemporary, (...)

MOORE, John. Bibliography

Anarchy and Ecstacy: Visions of Halcyon Days "Beyond the Fragments. A reaction to Industrial Society and Its Future", Green Anarchist #51 (...)

MOORE, John. Prophets of the New World: Noam Chomsky, Murray Bookchin, and Fredy Perlman.

How well they flew together side by side the Stars and Stripes my red and white and blue and my Black Flag the sovereignty of no man or law! (...)

GORDON, Gareth.- Horizons of Change: Deconstruction and the Evanescence of Authority. - Chapter 4. Journey’s End/New Beginning.

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