DE CLEYRE, Voltairine (1866-1912)


DE CLEYRE, Voltairine. Direct Action

"These actions are generally not due to any one’s reasoning overmuch on the respective merits of directness or indirectness, but are the (...)

DE CLEYRE, Voltairine. "The Old Shoemaker"

Open Court [Essays and Contributions] 9 (1895) p.4642 Listen to the poem, read by Enko

de CLEYRE, Voltairine. "Ut sementem faceris, ita metes"

Open Court 4 (1890/1891) p.2427 (To the Czar, on a woman, a political prisoner, being flogged to death in Siberia. ) HOW many drops must (...)

de CLEYRE, Voltairine. "A Lance for Anarchy"

Open Court [Essays and Contributions] 5 (1891) p.2963 Listen to "A Lance for Anarchy" read by Philippa

de CLEYRE, Voltairine. "The Philosophy of Selfishness and Metaphysical Ethics"

Listen to this text, read by: Rhonda Federman In No. 197 of The Open Court appeared a criticism of the egoistic conception of life from the pen (...)

de CLEYRE, Voltairine. "I Am"

Open Court 6 (1892) p.3118 I Am I am! The ages on the ages roll: And what I am, I was, and I shall be: by slow growth filling higher (...)

de CLEYRE, Voltairine. "Life or Death"

Open Court : 6 (1892) p.3302 A Soul, half through the Gate, said unto Life: "What does thou offer me?" And Life replied: "Sorrow, unceasing (...)

de CLEYRE, Voltairine. "John P. Altgeld"

This poem, written in June 1893, first appeared in Open Court 7 (1893) p.3782. It was reprinted in The Worm Turns (After an incarceration of (...)

de CLEYRE, Voltairine. "In Memoriam. To Gen. M. M. Trumbull." A Poem

This poem, dedicated to General M. M. Trumbull, who defended the Chicago Martyrs in 1886, first appeared in Open Court 8 (1894) p.4158. It was (...)

de CLEYRE, Voltairine. “Sex Slavery”

Moses Harman (1830 – 1910) was an anarchist schoolteacher and a freethought propagandist of women’s rights. He published Lucifer, the Light-Bearer (...)

de CLEYRE, Voltairine. "The Economic Tendency of Freethought"

This "article, reprinted from Benjamin Tucker’s periodical Liberty, was originally delivered by Voltairine de Cleyre as a lecture before the (...)

de CLEYRE, Voltairine. In Defense of Emma Goldman and the Right of Expropriation.

Philadelphia: The Author, 1894. "A LECTURE. Delivered in New York, Dec. 16. 1894." Listen to the talk In defence of Emma Goldmann and the (...)