FERRUA, Pietro (Piero) Michele Stefano (1930 - ....)


"Louis Lecoin. Le Cours d’une vie".- Le Commentaire de Pietro Ferrua

FICHE TECHNIQUE Louis Lecoin était au soir de la vie quand il fut interviewé pour ce film qui chronique les combats de sa longue vie. Quand je le (...)


Argentina, 1973, color, 95’. Director: Ricardo Wullicher Assistant Director: Felipe López Guión: José María Paolantonio Photography: Miguel (...)

The Libertarians (Libertarios)

Brazil, 1978, BW, 29 minutes. by Lauro Escorel Filho In Portuguese. WRITING CREDITS: Lauro Escorel CINEMATOGRAPHY: Adrian Cooper (...)

Freedom Fighters (Libertarias)

LIBERTARIAS (Freedomfighters), by Vicente ARANDA, Spain, 1996 125’ in Spanish with English subtitles. WRITING CREDITS: Vicente Aranda, José (...)

Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song of Vengeance (SHURA-YUKI-HIME: URAMI RENGA)

Japan, 1974, color, 89’. SCENARIO: Kamimura & Koike Kazuo, Ohara Kiyohide, Osada Norio Yoshio, CINEMATOGRAPHY: Suzuki Tatsuo; EDITING: (...)

The Anarchist Guest. Emma Goldman

Canada, 2000, color and B&W, 41 minutes and 30 seconds, Toronto Romalis Productions. SCREENWRITERS: Coleman Romalis, Clarke Mackey, David (...)

Lucy Parsons Meets William Morris

Britain 2000 20 minutes DIRECTOR: Helena Stevens. Lucy Parsons was one of the first emancipated women in the history of the American (...)

Saint Michael had a rooster (San Michele aveva un gallo)

Italy, 1976, color, 87’. In Italian with English subtitles. WRITING CREDITS: the brothers Taviani, based on a short story by Leo Tolstoy. (...)

The New Babylon (Novy Vavilon)

U.S.S.R, 1929 B & W, Silent with English-language captions. Film buffs will enjoy seeing in this pearl of a movie two famous filmmakers (...)

Butterfly (La lengua de las mariposas)

Spain,1999 color, 96 mn. In Spanish with English subtitles. WRITING CREDITS: Rafael AZCONA, José Luis CUERDA, Manuel RIVAS CINEMATOGRAPHY: Javier (...)

Revenge of Trinity (Trinity sees Red) or Wind’s Fierce (La Cólera del viento)

Spain, 1971 color, 105’. In Spanish or Italian with English subtitles. Writing credits: Mario Camus and Mario Cecchi Gori. Spanish-Italian (...)

Living Utopia (Vivir la utopia)

Spain, 1997 color, 96 minutes Spanish with English subtitles. ASSISTANT DIRECTORS: Francesc RIOS and Mariana ROCA WRITING CREDITS: Juan GAMERO, (...)