Guerres et révolutions. Anti-war activism


CLARK, John.- 2003 Feb. 15 New Orleans Anti-War Rally

Comments at Feb. 15 Anti-War Rally, Jackson Square, New Orleans, LA. by John P. Clark I come here to represent the Green Alliance , which is (...)

WILLIAMS, Dana. "Feeder Marches and "Diversity of Tactics" in Northeast Ohio Anti-war Activism"

"There are two main ways in which anarchists have contributed to the Left in recent history. First, anarchists themselves have become an (...)

DAVRANCHE, Guillaume. « “Unité d’action” avec les islamistes ? »

Cet article est paru dans le mensuel Alternative libertaire de mai 2004. Une possible « unité d’action » entre anticapitalistes et islamistes ? Cette (...)

ZALENSKI, John William. "The Practice of Resistance: Eugene V. Debs, Alexander Berkman, and the Cultural Psychology of the Prisoner of Conscience".

Ph. D. Diss., University of Iowa, 1992. 530 p. A critical analysis of the autobiographical writings of 20th century American prisoners of (...)

@nonymous.- Anti-authoritarian Organizing in Practice

DIRECT ACTION TO STOP THE WAR This article intends to provide a memory of the successes and mistakes made in anti-authoritarian organizational (...)

Ex-pressions : Excerpts of the Anarchist Writers Bloc Cabarets, 2010-2011 ✼ Ex-pressions : Extraits des cabarets du Bloc des auteur-e-s anarchistes, 2010-2011

Montréal (Canada) : Anarchist Writers Bloc - Bloc des auteur-e-s anarchistes, 2012 . - n. p. : ill. ; 22 cm. Texts by Bruno Massé (Bill Hicks (...)