PERLMAN, Fredy (August 20, 1934, Brno, Czechoslovakia 1934-July 26, 1985 Detroit, Michigan).

Printer, editor of Black & Red, contrib. to Fifth Estate, dramatist, organizer, theorist, gardener, musician and anti-authoritarian activist


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Black and Red, N° 1. Septembre 1968. “Be Realists, Demand the Impossible!” This slogan, developed in May by revolutionaries in France, flies (...)

[PERLMAN, Fredy] To serve the rich.

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PERLMAN, Fredy Essays on Commodity Fetishism

Essays on "Commodity Fetishism", Telos, Buffalo, NY, Number 6, Fall 1970; Published as the introductory essay to I.I. Rubin’s Essay on Marx’s (...)

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