CAFARD, Max. "The Article that Deserves to Die! "

(A Few Comments on a New York Times Article on Anarchism)" RE: Anarchism’s most memorable slogan, coined by Enrico Malatesta of Italy, is (...)

The Dao of Capitalism

Lao Zi was the mythic “Old Sage” of ancient China. We’re not sure whether he actually existed but we do know that he founded Daoist philosophy. (...)

CAFARD, Max. "Laughing Matters, or, In Praise of Folly"

We humans have always expressed our deepest truths in a spirit of comedy. Indeed I would argue that there is nothing of more philosophical (...)

CAFARD, Max. "Zen Anarchy"

Zen anarchy? What could that be? Some new variations on the koans, those classic proto-dadaist Zen “riddles”? What is the Sound of One Hand (...)

CAFARD, Max. "Giant Economy Size Brother"

This was Max Cafard’s first article, from the Fall of 1984. It was a noteworthy achievement, because technically he did not exist at the time. (...)