Philosophie. Subjectivité


COLSON, Daniel. "Subjectivités anarchistes et subjectivité moderne".

Une des questions sous-jacentes à ce qui suit pourrait se formuler ainsi : quel rapport l’anarchisme entretient-il avec ce qu’il est convenu (...)

ETTIN, Mark F. ; COHEN, Bertram D. "Working through a psychotherapy group’s political cultures"

International journal of group psychotherapy (2003) 53 (4) : 479-504 The authors want to change authoritarian or anarchistic individuals into (...)

COLSON, Daniel.- Anarchism, Foucault and the « Postmoderns »

This article is published in the French anarchist journal Réfractions, May 2008 with several other texts about postmodernity, including one by (...)

PAUL, Ian. Flowering of Subjectivities: Rethinking Antagonism in the Desert of Crisis

Published by the International Anarchist Institute How the G20 demonstrations in Pittsburgh prefigured new models of resistance in North (...)