DEL VALLE, Adrián (pseud. Palmiro de Lidia)


SHAFFER, Kirwin. "Prostitutes, Bad Seeds, and Revolutionary Mothers in Cuban Anarchism: Imagining Women in the Fiction of Adrian del Valle and Antonio Penichet, 1898-1930"

Studies in Latin American Popular Culture 1999 18:1-17. A narrative on Cuban history, seen by anarchist writers through its (...)

Protesta umana (La). Supplément français

LIEU D’EDITION : San Francisco. DUREE : 1904 Réd. : Giuseppe CIANCABILLA Principaux collaborateurs : H. ALBERT, Raymond BACHMANN, Pierre (...)

FERNÁNDEZ, Frank. Cuba, the Anarchists & Liberty - 2 -

Previous: Presentation by Sam DOLGOFF Introduction 1. Colonial Times and Separatism Important strikes took place under the first (...)

SHAFFER, Kirwin R. Anarchism and countercultural politics in early twentieth-century Cuba. Introduction (continued)

Previous The study of Latin American and Spanish anarchism also received renewed life as scholars shifted to a focus on cultural issues and (...)