ANDREWS, Stephen Pearl (1812-1886)

(22/3/1812 - 21/5/1886)


1840-1860. Abolitionism & Antistate Movements. - "Some Issues" by François GARDYN

Many abolitionists considered slavery as a moral order rather than an economic system. Their anarchist ideas were characterised by more than the (...)

ANDREWS, Stephen Pearl (March 22, 1812 - May 21, 1886).- Archives and unpublished manuscripts

Manuscripts Andrews Papers. State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin. Seven Boxes. These archives are essential. They include (...)

ANDREWS, Stephen Pearl (March 22, 1812 - May 21, 1886).- Published Studies on -

"A Long Look Ahead. A New Utopia," Home Journal, New York, (Aug. 20, 1884) "Andrews, Stephen Pearl," New Encyclopedia of Social Reform, William (...)

ANDREWS, Stephen Pearl (March 22, 1812 - May 21, 1886).- Published Works

The Published Works of Stephen Pearl Andrews "Abolition Reasons against Disunion," Young American’s Magazine (May 1847), 159-166. The Alphabet of (...)

Walt Whitman on Stephen Pearl Andrews

Ellen M. Calder Personal Recollections of Walt Whitman The Atlantic Monthly | June 1907 "The fiercest denunciations that were ever heard (...)

SPIES, August (1865 - 1887). Par Rudolf Rocker

Spies naquit le 10 décembre 1865 à Friedewalde (Hesse-Kassel), en Allemagne. Son père était employé forestier à Kurbesse... Élevé par les maîtres de la (...)

ANDREWS, Stephen Pearl (March 22, 1812 - May 21, 1886). Mentor for a global utopia

Did you ever hear about "Time Dollar Communities", "Temporary Autonomous Zones (TAZ)", "alter-globalization"? Andrews, one of the founders of (...)

WUNDERLICH, Roger. " Low Living And High Thinking’ At Modern Times, New York (1851-1864) "

Ph.D. 1986. 312 p. DAI, VOL. 47-05A, Page 1861 “explores the evolution of Modern Times from laboratory of anarchism to conventional Long Island (...)

KNOWLES, Rob. "Political Economy from below: Communitarian Anarchism as a Neglected Discourse in Histories of Economic Thought" - 03 -

"The hegemony of Marxist ‘scientific socialism’ by the end of the nineteenth century has overwhelmed knowledge today of the mosaic of syncretic and (...)

A Bibliography of Josiah Warren: Archives and Publications.

Archives Library of the Workingmen’s Institute, New Harmony, Indiana. Family papers, personal notebooks, some of the correspondence and various (...)

Comments and Studies on Josiah Warren: A Bibliography

Primary Sources 1821 "Weekly Summary," The Plough Boy, and Journal of the Board of Agriculture, 2, 52 (May 26, 1821), 415. 1827 A Poem on (...)

TUCKER, Benjamin R. "Proudhon and His Critic"

The Index (July 13, 1876) The student of Proudhon must have laid down THE INDEX of June 22d, containing Stephen Pearl Andrews’ article on (...)