Émigration italienne : États-Unis


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Aspects généraux

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The career of Luigi Gaileani involves a paradox. During the first two decades of the twentieth century, he was the leading Italian anarchist in (...)

L’Emancipazione. Periodico libertario del West, San Francisco, Stati Uniti (1927-1932)

San Francisco, (Junio ?) 1927 - ottobre 1932. Mensile di lingua italiana. Illustrazione CIRA, Lausanne

Germinal, Chicago, Stati Uniti (1926-1930)

Fonte dell’illustrazione Chicago, Ill. (Stati Uniti). 1 apr. 1926 (a. I, n.1) - 1 mag. 1930 (a. V, n. 5). Mensile. Dal 15 mar. 1927 (a.II, n. (...)

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WorkingUSA: The Journal of Labor and Society · Volume 12 · (September 2009) · pp. 403–420. Author’s Abstract It is the purpose of this article to (...)

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A Thesis submitted to the Department of History, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada (November 2010). 372 (...)

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Source: Sacco Vanzetti Project 2002 (consulted July 23, 2003, but no longer available). Paul Avrich’s discussion of the history of the Italian (...)

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Zero in condotta, 2017. 236 p. ISBN 978-8895950-47-1. Questo studio, basato su un’abbondante documentazione, si legge come un romanzo e (...)