BERRY, David (1957 - ....).


French Anarchist Volunteers in Spain, 1936-39:

David Berry Research in progress This paper and its appendices were presented to a conference organized by (...)

BERRY, David. Bibliography

An observer of French and Spanish anarchism in the first half of the 20th century. His works are published in English and in (...)

Historians of anarchism

The one duty we owe to history is to rewrite it. Oscar Wilde Abad de Santillan A theorist of anarcho-syndicalism and an important actor in (...)

BERRY, David. "The response of the French anarchist movement to the Russian revolution (1917-24) and to the Spanish revolution and civil war (1936-39)"

Phil. thesis. University of Sussex, 1990

2004.09 September 17-19. "Conference on Daniel Guérin", Loughborough University (GB)

PROVISIONAL PROGRAMME - PROGRAMME PROVISOIRE Friday - Vendredi Film : Daniel Guérin, 1904-1988 : Combats dans le siècle (Laurent Muhleisen & (...)

BERRY, David. "For a dialectic of homosexuality and revolution." - 1 -

Daniel Guerin"s engagement with "sexology" from the 1950"s and his contribution to the theorization of sexuality and gender from a historical (...)

BERRY, David. "Daniel Guérin, la contestation permanente".

Historien engagé, socialiste révolutionnaire (marxiste et libertaire), anticolonialiste, antifasciste, antiraciste, antimilitariste, militant de (...)

BERRY, David. "For a dialectic of homosexuality and revolution." - 2 -

Continued. Read the beginning Fourier Guérin was also a great admirer of Fourier, at least in so far as his arguments in favour of sexual (...)

Berry, David. "French Anarchist Volunteers in Spain, 1936-39: Contribution to a Collective Biography of the French Anarchist Movement" - Appendix 3 -

Fifteen of the French members of the International Group of the Durruti Column killed during the nationalist offensive at Perdiguera, 17 October (...)


"une exploration de la personnalité de Daniel Guérin. Celui-ci illustre la figure d’un militant révolutionnaire en mouvement(s). Pendant plus d’un (...)

BERRY, David. "‘Change the World Without Taking Power? The Libertarian Communist Tradition in France Today’ "

Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 61:1 2008 This paper assesses the contribution to the ideological and practical renewal of the left (...)

BERRY, David and Constance BANTMAN, "New Perspectives on Anarchism, Labour and Syndicalism: The Individual, the National and the Transnational"

Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010. 245 p. # ISBN-10: 1443823937 # ISBN-13: 978-1443823937 This collection presents exciting new research on (...)