DOS PASSOS, John (January 14, 1896 — September 28, 1970)


DOS PASSOS, John. "They Are Dead Now"

New Masses October 1927, 228–229. This isn’t a poem This is two men in grey prison clothes. One man sits looking at the sick flesh of his (...)

DOS PASSOS, John. Devant la chaise électrique

Traduit de l’anglais (Etats-Unis) et préfacé par Alice Béja. Gallimard (Arcades), 2009, 192 p. ISBN 978-2-07-1211-3. Cet ouvrage, inédit en (...)

Who Killed Carlo Tresca?

Foreword by John DOS PASSOS and Arturo GIOVANNITTI. Carlo Tresca Memorial Committee (New York) - 1945 - 28 p. 1 copy at CIRA, Lausanne (...)