INGLIS, Agnes (Detroit, Michigan 1870-1952)


HERRADA, Julie and Tom HYRY. "Agnes Inglis: Anarchist Librarian"

" ... When the turmoil following the Red Scare died down, Inglis began her career in the Labadie Collection. As curator, Agnes developed (...)

HERRADA, Julie and Tom HYRY. "Agnes Inglis : Anarchist Librarian"

Source : HERRADA, Julie and Tom HYRY, "Agnes Inglis : Anarchist Librarian"Progressive Librarian, Issue # 16, Fall 1999. Agnès Inglis n’avait (...)

INGLIS, Agnes. "Biographical notes on Voltairine De Cleyre and her family, 1934-[1950] "

Archive Published 1934. Special Collections Library, Labadie Collection, University of Michigan.