PORTON, Richard


PORTON, Richard. " Film and the Anarchist Imagination "

Ph.D. 1996, 429 p. New York University; Adviser: Robert Stam DAI, VOL. 57-09A, Page 3724, 00 “This dissertation examines the relationship of (...)

V for Vendetta, directed by James McTeigue

Since anarchism is a notoriously difficult term to define, it should not be surprising that the concept of "anarchist cinema" is equally elusive. (...)

Arena No. 2 – Anarchists in Fiction

ARENA 2 – Anarchists in Fiction 142 pp .(230mm x 153mm), ISBN-13:9781873976-42-5. Read & Noir/ChristieBooks The second issue of Arena looks at (...)

Arena No. 1 – On Anarchist Cinema

Edited by Richard Porton. Contributions by: Russell Campbell, Pietro Ferrua, Dan Georgakas, Andrew Hedden, Eric Jarry and more. Published by PM (...)