AGAMBEN, Giorgio (1942-....)


SCHÉRER, René. "L’illusion démocratique"

"pour vous, peuples modernes, vous n’avez point d’esclaves mais vous l’êtes" Jean-Jacques Rousseau Le débat sur la démocratie directe témoigne, (...)

COLSON, Daniel.- Anarchism, Foucault and the « Postmoderns »

This article is published in the French anarchist journal Réfractions, May 2008 with several other texts about postmodernity, including one by (...)

COLSON, Daniel. "Agencements et dispositifs. Les dispositifs d’Agamben"

1 – La distinction entre dispositifs et agencements, comme entre appareils (de capture) et machines (de guerre), (un bateau de pirates par (...)

GRAEBER, David. "Revolution in Reverse (Or, on the Conflict between Political Ontologies of Violence and Political Ontologies of the Imagination)"

“All power to the imagination.” “Be realistic, demand the impossible…” Anyone involved in radical politics has heard these expressions a thousand (...)

AVERY-NATALE, Edward. "‘We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re Anarchists’: The Nature of Identification and Subjectivity Among Black Blocs"

Author’s Abstract At the G20 protests in Pittsburgh in 2009 a popular chant included the phrase, “We’re here! We’re queer! We’re anarchists, we’ll (...)

SAKOLSKY, Ron. Mutual Acquiescence or Mutual Aid ?

Most of us have made a compact, saying "Let us make a convention. Let us agree to call what we are feeling not ‘pain’ but ‘neutral,’ not ‘dull (...)