ARCOS, Federico (1920-2015)


Living Utopia (Vivir la utopia)

Spain, 1997 color, 96 minutes Spanish with English subtitles. ASSISTANT DIRECTORS: Francesc RIOS and Mariana ROCA WRITING CREDITS: Juan (...)

ISCA, Valerio (June 22, 1900 - June 13, 1996)

Valerio. An Extraordinary Ordinary Man. The Dandelion, vo. 6 (Oct. 2005) n° 23. Michael Coughlin, "Such Marvelous Stories" Chuck Hamilton, "A (...)

ISCA, Valerio (1900-1996)

Bolletino 8, Archivio Pinelli: Nel giugno scorso è morto a New York, a 94 anni d’età, Valerio Isca, anarchico siciliano emigrato giovanissimo (...)

AVRICH, Paul (1931-2006). Par Marianne ENCKELL

Paul Avrich est mort à New York le 17 février 2006 au matin. Depuis quelques années, il était frappé de cette sale maladie qui s’en prend à la (...)

News of the Spanish Revolution : Anti-authoritarian Perspectives on the Events

Kate Sharpley Library and Charlatan Stew: 2012. 88 pages. Seven articles published in “One Big Union Monthly”, a journal of the Industrial (...)

David WATSON: Federico Arcos (July 18, 1920-May 26, 2015)

from: FIFTH ESTATE #394, Summer 2015, Vol. 50, No. 2, page 9

WATSON, David: Remembering Federico Arcos

This is a revised and expanded text of David Watson’s contribution to the remembrance for Federico Arcos at the Cass Café in Detroit on July 19, (...)

ARCOS, Federico (18 juillet 1920-26 Mai 2015)

Federico Arcos (18 juillet 1920 - 23 mai 2015), anarchiste de toute une vie, participa, dans les années 1930, à la révolution et à la guerre civile (...)

Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library is out.

KSL: Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library No. 89, January 2017 has just been posted on our site. The PDF is up at: (...)