SHANTZ, Jeffrey A.

anarchist activist, poet, and sociologist, currently teaching critical criminology at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Surrey, BC.,Canada


SHANTZ, Jeff. "Green Syndicalism: An Alternative Red-Green Vision"

Most approaches to Red and Green (labour and environmentalist) alliances have taken Marxian perspectives, to the exclusion of anarchism and (...)

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Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society · Volume 12 · (September 2009) · pp. 371–385. "In the years prior to the Seattle World Trade (...)

SHANTZ, Jeffrey A. “Beyond the State: The Return to Anarchy”

"Through their uncompromising rhetoric and immodest strategies anarchist movements resist attempts to divert their disruptive force into normal (...)

SHANTZ, Jeff. Constructive Anarchism

Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 2010. 214 p. ISBN: 978-1-4094-0402-6 ISBN Short: 9781409404026. Hardback 2013. 214 pages. ISBN : 1409499936, (...)

SHANTZ, Jeff. "Radical Ecology and Class Struggle: A Re-Consideration"

Introduction In recent years a variety of social movement and environmental commentators have devoted a great deal of energy to efforts which (...)

SHANTZ, Jeff. "Re-Building Infrastructures of Resistance"

Title: Re-Building Infrastructures of Resistance Author(s): Jeff Shantz Date: 2009 Topics: anarchism anti-poverty economic alternatives (...)

SHANTZ, Jeff. "Syndicalism, Ecology and Feminism: Judi Bari’s Vision"

According to the late Wobbly organizer and Earth Firster, Judi Bari, a truly biocentric perspective must really challenge the system of (...)