SHAW, George Bernard


Lucy Parsons Meets William Morris

Britain 2000 20 minutes DIRECTOR: Helena Stevens. Lucy Parsons was one of the first emancipated women in the history of the American (...)

Richard Wagner, "The Niblung’s Ring"

Bernard Shaw has suggested that the anarchist Bakunin was an inspiration of Wagner’s Siegfried. See The Perfect Wagnerite: A Commentary on the (...)

ZINN, Howard. Heroes and Martyrs: : Emma Goldman, Sacco & Vanzetti, and the Revolutionary Struggle.

Howard Zinn takes us back a century to a newly industrialized America, the time of robber barons & tycoons, of tenements bursting with (...)

MALANDER, A. La Tétralogie de Richard Wagner : la Bible d’un anarchiste.

trad. éd. A. de Malander. - Paris : Humbles, 1939. - 314 p. ; 19 cm. - (coll. La Belle équipe ; 2). s.l. Contient : L’Or du Rhin ; La Walkyrie ; (...)

Emma Goldman Papers Microfilm

Media: Microfilm 69 reels Guide: Emma Goldman: A Guide to Her Life and Documentary Sources Edited by Candace Falk, Stephen Cole and Sally Thomas (...)

Freedom, London

Freedom, London, Vol I. No. 1 October 1886. The first editor was Charlotte M. Wilson 1886-1895, assisted by a group of friends of Peter (...)