BAKUNIN, Mihail Aleksandrovič (1814-1876) .- Studies

Avrich, Paul Berlin, I."Herzen and Bakunin on individual liberty", in E.J. Simmons (editor), Continuity And Change In Russian Thought, (...)

BAKOUNINE, Michel. A mes amis russes et polonais

Me voilà libre, enfin, après huit ans d’emprisonnement dans différentes forteresses et quatre ans d’exil en Sibérie. L’âge m’est venu, ma santé s’est (...)

KNOWLES, Rob. "Anarchist Notions of Nationalism and Patriotism"

This article may be quoted as long as it is appropriately acknowledged. No commercial reproduction is authorized. The author retains copyright to (...)

CIPKO, Serge. "Mikhail Bakunin and the National Question "

This article first appeared in The Raven: anarchist quarterly, 9, January 1990. Volume 3, number 1 The revolutions of 1848 have often been (...)

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Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010. 245 p. # ISBN-10: 1443823937 # ISBN-13: 978-1443823937 This collection presents exciting new research on (...)

L’anarchisme et le ZZZ en Pologne 1919-1939

Ceci est le 4ème supplément au « Rebel Worker » où nous essayons de donner des informations sur l’histoire de plusieurs mouvements (...)

Anarchism and the ZZZ in Poland, 1919-1939

Scanned by libcom.org from a special supplement of Rebel Worker, the PDF contains two articles: "History of the Polish anarchist movement (...)

FERRUA, Pietro. "Eravamo 220, insisteva Marek Edelman"

Ha vissuto per intero la tragica storia del ghetto di Varsavia e ne è stato uno dei pochi sopravvissuti. La vicenda di Marek Edelman, morto (...)

SHATZ, Marshall S.- Jan Waclaw Machajski: A radical critic of the Russian intelligensia and socialism

A biography of Polish-born Jan Waclaw Machajski and account of his radical critique of the role of the intelligentsia in Soviet Russia’s political (...)