WALKER, James L. American Journalist

Chief editorial writer in Galveston News BIBLIOGRAPHY signed J. L. W. on anarchy, in Benjamin R. Tucker’s Liberty, 110 p.6. [Signed Tak Kak (...)

AUSTIN, Kate, American journalist.- An Anarchist Witness of the Haymarket Drama

Kate Austin’s family settled at Hook’s Point, Iowa, when she was six years old. But she lost her mother when she was eleven and had to take care of (...)

McElroy, Wendy. Freedom, Feminism, and the State : An Overview of Individualist Feminism

A textbook with many rare 19th and 20th century documents. Oakland, Calif. : Independent Institute (Independent studies in political economy). (...)

de CLEYRE, Voltairine. “Sex Slavery”

Moses Harman (1830 – 1910) was an anarchist schoolteacher and a freethought propagandist of women’s rights. He published Lucifer, the Light-Bearer (...)