BA JIN (pseud. of Li Pei Kan (1905 -10/17/2005 ). Chinese Writer. A Bibliography

"I do not write to earn a living or to build a reputation. I write to battle enemies. "Who are they? Every outdated traditional notion, every (...)

SCALAPINO, R and G.T. YU. The Chinese Anarchist Movement -3-

Page 1 Page 2 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 The New Century and its Message Thus the philosophy of Hsin Shih-chi was (...)

WEBER, Suzanne. "Avec le temps..."

La plupart des personnes âgées n’ont pas accès à une forme structurante de solitude, qui suppose une certaine distance par rapport à soi-même (...)

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Institut National Pour L’Enfance et la Famille, septembre 1993.

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Publié dans : Famille et éducation en Espagne et en Amérique latine, ss. la dir. de Jean-Louis Guereña, Tours, Publications de l’Université (...)

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Libreria sociologica (Buenos Aires), 1906. 36 p. 19 cm. CIRA, Lausanne

WARD, Colin. "Open and Closed Families"

From the book "Anarchy In Action", 1973, by Colin Ward, pp 74 - 78) In choosing a partner we try both to retain the relationships we have (...)

YASUKO Shin. "The family and freedom : anarchist discourse about love, marriage, and the family in Japan and China, 1900s - 1930s’.

Thesis (Ph.D.) Canberra, Australia: Australian National University. Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies (RSPAS), 2003. - xi, 360 leaves. (...)