LUM, Dyer Daniel (1839-1893). Organisateur anarchiste américain du mouvement ouvrier


BROOKS, Frank Hans. “Anarchism, Revolution, and Labor in the Thought of Dyer D. Lum: ‘Events Are The True Schoolmasters,’"

Ph.D. Cornell University, 1988. 466 p. DAI, VOL. 49-10A, Page 3139, 00466 Page “Dyer Daniel Lum (1839-1893), an American labor activist and (...)

LUM, Dyer D. "A Journalist’s Confession"

Open Court, Boston Vol. 4 (1890-01-01)

de CLEYRE, Voltairine.- More Poems

The following poems may be read or listened to in Selected Works of Voltairine de Cleyre: "The burial of my past self" read by Pat Giambattista (...)

DE CLEYRE, Voltairine. "Dyer D. Lum"

Freedom (June 1893) This beautiful tribute was reprinted in KSL Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library (May 2010) #62 pp. (...)