MARCUSE, Herbert (1898-1979) Philosophe allemand


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172 p. Ph.d. 1996 Yale University Director: Josefina Ludmer DAI, VOL. 57-11A, Page 4728 “emphasizes the fascination of modernist writers with (...)

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Peace Review, 2003, 15, 3, Sept, 317-322 Compares the intellectual response to the ungovernable protests attributed to the Black Bloc (...)

MANDELL, Alan. "Anti-Psychiatry and the Search for Autonomy"

"Too cynical for sentimentality and too sentimental for cynicism, there is, finally, no moral exhortation involved in all this, but there is the (...)

"Anarchisme et pensée libertaire" [Dossier]

Alexandre Dorna Note d’introduction dossier sur l’anarchisme Jacques Lesage de La Haye Anarchisme et génitalité Michel Onfray Entretien sur (...)