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Courbet, Self portrait
Courbet in prison after the Paris Commune of 1871

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Nouvelle traduction : FERRUA, Pietro. "Discovering (Abstract) Kinokaleidographs"

Hommage à Lucien Fontana Hommage à Kasimir Malevitch Remembrance of Maximilien Luce Souvenir of Charles Henry Thinking of Paul Signac (...)

NEMATOLLAHY, Ali. "Proudhon, from aesthetics to politics"

Anarchist Studies, Vol.13, No.1 (2005)

Cucullu, Santiago

The painting presents several places where Italian anarchist Severino di Giovanni lived: the Bohemian quarter of Buenos Aires, the Masiel island (...)

Galleries : Man Ray (Philadelphia, 1890 - Paris, 1976)

Galleries : Kupka, Frantisek - 12 -

See all Kupka’s gallery on this web (French comments) Bibliography Virginia Spate, Orphism : The Evolution of Non-Figurative Painting in (...)

Galleries: Fermin Rocker (22 December 1907 - 18 October 2004)

Exterior to all fashions, Fermin Rocker’s paintings convey the memory of his father, Rudolf Rocker. Too modest to be called a working-class hero, (...)

CARRÀ, Carlo. The Funeral of Angelo Galli

Carlo Carra’s "Funeral of the Anarchist Galli" (1911; Museum of Modern Art) is mentioned as one of the 50 most important paintings of the 20th (...)