World War I


Jacquier, Charles. "Marcel Martinet ou l’orgueil de la fidélité"

A Contretemps N° 19 (mars 2005) Depuis longtemps, l’ensemble du mouvement socialiste voit dans la guerre une conséquence du capitalisme, mais se (...)

Félix Vallotton and World War One. Part 2. This Is War !

6 prints from the Field of Battle. Previous page Click on an image to enlarge.

Felix Vallotton and World War One. Part 1. A Few Years Before

Militarism : "1. Military attitudes or ideals, esp. the belief or policy that a country should maintain a strong military capability and be (...)

World War One as Seen by American Artists

Dates : 1914 July 28 Austria-Hungary declares war against Serbia. President Wilson, of the United States, has been elected on his promise to (...)

WOLFGRAM, William. "The Uses of Historical Narrative: Events and Non-Events in the Field of International Relations’

Conference Papers — International Studies Association; 2007 Annual Meeting. (Unpublished Manuscript) Abstract Much of the literature in (...)