1922-1991 Soviet Union


KATE SHARPLEY LIBRARY: Vicente Monclus Guallar, Spanish Libertarian victimised in the USSR

from: Kate Sharpley Library website, October 20, 2012

BATTLESCARED (pseudo). "The anarchist underground in Leningrad"

Yuri Krinitsky was an 18 year old student when he came from Tashkent to study at the Russian Institute of the History of Art. Back home he had (...)

BERKMAN, Alexander.- The Tragic Procession : Alexander Berkman and Russian Prisoner Aid

Alexander Berkman Social Club and Kate Sharpley Library : 2010. 96 pages. ISBN : 9781873605905

GOLDMAN, Emma. "Trotsky Protests too much"

TROTSKY PROTESTS TOO MUCH By Emma Goldman Published by THE ANARCHIST COMMUNIST FEDERATION [Glasgow, Scotland, 1938]. Price: Twopence. In (...)

Nestor Makhno: The Man Who Saved The Bolsheviki (Part 2)

"The nearer I came to the Makhno region the more I was struck by the reverence with which the peasants spoke of Makhno." Go to Part 1 (...)

Nestor Makhno: The Man Who Saved The Bolsheviki (Part 1)

"Ukraina is not Russia. We are a country of 40 millions, of different stock, with our own language and culture." In the Tenon hospital at (...)

1922 "The Kronstadt Rebellion" by Alexander BERKMAN

The Russian Revolution Series, No. 3. Berlin: Der Syndikalist. 42 p., 1 leaf incl. illus. (facism.) map. 23 cm. Read electronic (...)